About the Actual "Cielo"

There actually is a real "Cielo," but it's called the Celli, after a former owner. It wasn't much of a stretch to change the name to Cielo, meaning "heaven."

Like many other farmhouses in Tuscany, it is hundreds of years old, although it probably was originally just a stable. There were many additions and changes over the years, and after World War II it was abandoned.

Recently, an energetic couple, Antonio and Grazia, bought it, restored it and opened it to guests. They also own other properties in the area, Grazia gives cooking lessons and they make their own olive oil, wine and jams (available for purchase).

If you go, be prepared for a challenging drive up the hill north of the village of San Martino. There are many hairpin curves. But when you get to the top, it will all be worthwhile.

To learn more about the Celli, click here.

The rustic farmhouse before its restoration.

The Celli has been beautifully restored, with lovely rooms and accommodations.